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Why Classics Shapes my Philosophy of Education

Classics, pedagogy, and the beauty of their union!


Licensed to Skill!

Recently, I have seen the term skill-based curriculum a lot. But what does it mean? I found various definitions in my search, but...

50 SHADES of meaning!

The Definition of Colour: A Classically inspired Critical Thinking Exercise “Colour is an effluence from shapes which is commensurate...

Ancient Science - why?

Why should we study ancient science? Surely, we have moved on, developed a far more accurate understanding of the world with tools that...

What is a hero?

Is it about bravery? is it about talent? Is it about courage in the face of despair? Is it about championing a cause? Has our concept of...


Such was the name that physicist Max Born gave to the ‘primordial substance’ that his colleague Werner Heisenberg concluded was the...